Friday, August 22, 2008

4:30 pm

Brandon had the spinal!! He got out of recovery about 30 minutes ago with a red rash on his face. The Dr's think he had an allergic reaction to either the anesthesia or the stem cells. Currently he is on oxygen & connected to a machine that constantly checks his vitals - just a precaution measure. We are so excited that they were able to do this spinal stem cell treatment! They did say that his intracranial pressure was still high despite changing the anesthesia and changing his body position. The next 2 days will determine whether he can have future spinals. As long as he doesn't have any spinal headaches or adverse reactions, we should be able to try it again. I feel as thought we have finally acomplished something here! Tonight we'll celebrate with "chicken" AND pizza!! The Dr's just came in and said that we won't be out of the woods for another 48 hours but so far so good. He's waking up more & playing with his cell phone. They're giving him plenty of fluids so he is having to pee in a duck urnal. He likes that! He said that he wanted to take it home so he could pee in bed. He really acts like his dad!! Photo's: 1st - We're taking Brandon to the operating room which is on the 4th floor. 2nd - The Dr's are taking him away! 3rd - Brandon back in the room hooked up to the machines as a precautionary measure.

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