Sunday, June 22, 2008

5:57 Pm

We did a candle fundraiser a few months back and we had a HUGE response from it. We raised over $1,000 in profit in candle sales. I've had a few people ask me if I would do another candle fundraiser and after resting a week from the hamburger fry, I decided that I could survive another candle fundraiser. So if anyone would like to order, please let me know at - I can email you a list of scents, sizes & price. I need all orders in by July 4th (mine & John's wedding anniversary). On Wednesday (June 25th) we meet with a guy who saw Brandon's story on the news. Tyrone Wright is a mixed martial arts fighter who wants to dedicate his August 2nd fight to Brandon. He has asked us to be there so Brandon can get in the ring and be introducted to the audience. He has also offered to pass a bucket around in the audience for donations for Brandon. Brandon is looking forward to meeting a "fighter". He thinks it's funny that people fight on a stage.

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Anonymous said...

Katrina, You have a great community of caring people in Colorado. You have done well on your fund raisers. I know that Brandon will experience a better quality of life after his SC treatments in China. He will also be a playfull little boy, because he will SEE, just as my grandson, Cameron has done. You will be in our prayers. But I have faith in God as I know he is the power behind the stem cells that have given so many of our children their eyesight!
God Bless!
Carol Petersen